About Us

Infinite Pack is a flexible packaging supplier for customers spanning a broad range of industries, including food service, catering and industrial. With the help of our team having more than 20 years experience in this domain, we work closely with our customers in all aspects from designing of the product to international sourcing to logistics.  

Import Services

Infinite Pack helps all of its clients in importing all their packaging product requirements. We only work with ISO-certified companies to provide us with the best possible quality and also at competitive prices. We provide end to end service in helping our clients import the packaging needs from anywhere in the world. 

Quality Control

Since we are involved with our buyer’s from the designing stage, we can ensure that our buyer’s packaging will meet the requirements of the product on the first go. 


Our pricing will include logistics from door to door i.e. we will arrange to pickup the goods from our supplier anywhere in the world and ensure timely delivery to your warehouse, irrespective of the size of the order.