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Infinite Pack is your reliable supply for top rate stretch wrap and tray packaging answers. We pleasure ourselves by handing over state-of-the-art packaging answers that keep, shield and decorate your merchandise with remarkable performance.

Superior Quality: Our stretch film and pallet movie are fabricated from terrific materials, ensuring sturdiness and reliability throughout delivery and storage. Trust our packing electricity to preserve your items safe and intact.

Versatile Applications: Whether you are bundling small objects or securing large pallet loads, our stretch films can meet numerous packaging desires. Its flexibility and stretchability make it best for a variety of products.

Customization: Innovative Solutions harness the energy of packaging innovation with our variety of stretch movies. Our packaging comes in a variety of sizes and capabilities, providing tailor-made solutions to enhance your packaging system.

Experience the difference with our top rate stretch and pallet films. Buy it now and start a new era of packaging efficiency and product protection.

Wholesale Stretch Film Rolls

Unbeatable Value for Your Packaging Needs!

At Infinite Pack, we wholesale a extensive kind of stretch wrap rolls, which include cling movie and cell cling movie, to meet all your packaging wishes.

Clear Films Improve Visibility: Our clean stretch movies make certain your products stay seen while being securely packaged. Easily become aware of contents and simplify inventory management with our clean stretch movie rolls.

Durable and Reliable: Our stretch movie rolls are crafted from remarkable substances and designed to resist the pains of packaging and delivery. Trust their sturdiness and reliability to keep your items secure for the duration of transit.

Cling Wrap For Ease Of Moving: Make shifting less complicated with our cling wrap particularly designed for this purpose. Its firm grip and tear-resistant houses ensure a secure feeling even as transporting your items.

Wholesale Savings​​: Take gain of fee-powerful packaging solutions with our wholesale stretch film roll options. Buying in bulk saves on packaging costs, making it ideal for corporations of all sizes.

Shop our offers on wholesale stretch movie rolls today and revel in the benefit, durability and cost they bring to your packing and moving activities.

Choose from specific kinds of pallet packaging

Different forms of stretch film: the precise answer for each packaging want!

  1. Machine Length Stretch Film: Machine Length Stretch Film is designed to be used in automated packaging device to offer seamless, green packaging. Its uniform software ensures most reliable load balance, making it perfect for excessive-volume packaging operations.
  1. Colorful Stretch Wrap: Add a dash of existence on your packaging with colorful stretch wrap. Available in a variety of appealing sun shades, this stretch film will protect your objects and upload a pop of colour to their display.
  1. Opaque Stretch Film: Use opaque stretch movie whilst confidentiality is a top precedence. Its opaque nature hides contents, making it best for sensitive gadgets or personal delivery.
  1. Pre-stretched movie: use pre-stretched film to store fabric consumption and enhance winding efficiency. This type of stretch film is pre-stretched at some stage in manufacturing, bearing in mind simpler utility and less hassle for packaging.

Whether you need secure device wrap, a pop of colour, extra privacy or efficient packaging, we've the right stretch movie solution to your packaging desires.