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From Grocery Stores to Boutiques: How Loop Handle Shopping Bags Benefit Every Type of Retail Business

by Rahul Solanki 14 Jun 2023

For years, grocery stores have been using brown paper bags with handles as the go-to shopping bag. While they get the job done, they are not always the best option. In recent years, loop handle shopping bags have become increasingly popular among businesses of all kinds, including boutiques. The benefits of these bags extend far beyond their simple loop handle design. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using loop handle shopping bags over traditional brown paper bags with handles for all types of retail businesses.

1. Reusability: 

Loop handle shopping bags are mainly made of recyclable materials. They can be reused by customers for a variety of things like lunch boxes, gym bags, and thank you grocery bags. This makes loop handle shopping bags a very eco-friendly option. Additionally, any business that uses reusable bags with their logos or taglines creates increased brand recognition and awareness.

2. Durability: 

Unlike brown paper bags with handles that can tear easily, loop handle boutique shopping bags are known to be sturdier. Retail businesses can ensure that the purchases their customers make will not fall out of the bag while in transit. This will ultimately result in fewer complaints and less waste.

3. Easy to Carry: 

The loop handle of shopping bags is specifically designed to fit over the hand or shoulder of a customer, making it easier to carry. This is particularly helpful for smaller bags with handles that are typically used for small gifts, jewelry, or other items with a smaller footprint. The loop handle allows customers to effortlessly carry their shopping and free up their hands for other activities.

4. Aesthetically Appealing: 

Clear shopping bags with handles offer a modern aesthetic and a trendy appeal. They allow customers to easily see what they have bought, and brings an added value to the product. Thus, it helps them determine if the item is something they like – making shopping a more entertaining experience. Offering aesthetically striking bags can help businesses set themselves apart from competitors and generate a unique customer experience.

5. Multiple Purposes: 

A common use for brown paper bags with handles is to store trash, which is why they are sometimes known as trash bags. However, loop handle shopping bags can be used for a variety of other purposes than just shopping bags. Heritage funeral homes repurpose the small bags with handles into urn or casket covers that can be used for valuables or cherished items. Boutiques can also repurpose clear bags with handles to showcase stickers, pins, and buttons, which increases the sale of other products.


In conclusion, loop handle shopping bags are the perfect way to spruce up your customer experience. They are stylish, versatile, and quite a bit more sustainable than paper bags. Not to mention, many businesses can customize the style and size of these bags so they better reflect their brand's aesthetic. Businesses from grocery stores to boutiques and even funeral homes should consider investing in these shopping solutions. Infinite Pack provides high quality loop handled bags that are perfect for retail shoppers across the board. With our wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials you're certain to find exactly what your business needs. Investing in an excellent shopping experience has never been easier--check out Infinite Pack today and get ready to give your customers a bag they'll love!

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